Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

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Geometry Dash

Play the original geometry dash game! For free and without any downloads

Do you have lightning-quick reflexes? Can you run, jump, and fly while you groove to the beat 🎶🎶🎶? Play the original Geometry Dash game and read all about this exhilarating and challenging masterpiece in gaming.

Geometry Dash is a decade-old classic that's fun to play and has tons of players, fans, and followers around the world. From dedicated gamers to those just looking for a fun way to pass the time, the almost addictive Geometry Dash gameplay keeps everybody coming back for more!

What Is Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is a music-based jump 'n' run (aka platforming) video game with numerous versions. The original Geometry Dash game has 21 levels and was released on IOS and Android on 13th August 2013. The Geometry Dash Steam version was made available on 22 December 2014. Spinoffs that have been released so far include Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, and Geometry Dash SubZero.
Game play for the original Geometry Dash game involves you (in the form of a really hip square icon) navigating your way from the start of the level to the end while avoiding obstacles in your way. And, watch out! Those obstacles, be they spikes, saw blades, walls, etc. will destroy you instantly on contact.

In a nutshell - keep moving and steer clear of ALL obstacles! Collect the good stuff while avoiding the bad stuff and be sure to grab some of the awesome secret stuff that's in there, too!

Who Created Geometry Dash?

Swedish video game developer Robert "RobTop" Topala is the guy who invented this delightful, heart-stopping, scrolling romp across your screen. The Geometry Dash creator has admitted that "there really was no detailed plan" for the way in which the game developed. It all began really simply with just "a cube that could crash and jump."

Topala had just basic programming knowledge at the time but it took him just 4 months to develop the game which became an instant hit. He released the free version of the game with just seven levels but added nine more levels later.

In case you're wondering, Geometry Dash wasn't Topala's first video game. His very first creation was released in 2010 and he must have been bitten by the developer's bug real hard. He gave up studying civil engineering to dive into the world of video gaming. By the way, that first RobTop creation was called Bounce Ball Thingy. Other online games created by him include Bloomings (2012) and Memory Mastermind (2013).

How Many Geometry Dash Levels Are There?

The full version of the original Geometry Dash video game has 21 levels. When you install this version, you automatically unlock 18 of the 21 levels. You can unlock the other three levels by collecting secret coins that are hidden throughout the first 18 levels. Plus, you get extra rewards for completing each level.

Apart from the 21 levels in the original Geometry Dash, fans of the cube have made millions and millions (yeah, you read that right - millions and millions!) of Geometry Dash levels for you to try out. Geometry Dash fan-made levels are readily available online.

Fan-made Geometry Dash levels are possible because the game has a level creation feature. You can create your very own custom level with as much difficulty, or ease, as you please. Once you think it's all good, you can share it online for other fans to play.

The levels start out fairly easy and increase in difficulty. The six difficulty ratings for the levels are Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, Insane, and Demon.

The game features the following levels: 1. Stereo Madness
2. Back on track
3 Polargeist.
5. Base After Base
6. Can't let go
7. Jumper
8. Time Machine
9. Cycles
10. xStep
11. Clutterfunk
12. Theory of Everything
13. Electroman Adventures
14. Clubstep
15. Electrodynamix
16. Hexagon Force
17. Blast Processing
18. Theory of Everything
19. Geometrical Dominator
20. Deadlocked
21. Fingerdash

By the way, there's an unrated secret level called "The Challenge" in update 2.1 of the original Geometry Dash video game. Will you find it?! When you have completed all the levels you can always play a free game of bubble shooter, the classic bubble game.

Is Geometry Dash Hard to Play?

The official description of Geometry Dash on Google Play reads:
"Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer! Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash."

Geometry Dash is challenging - no lie. It takes a bit of stick-to-itiveness to get a hang of it at first. That little cube can move really fast and those obstacles keep coming at you hard. But, you will find that with some practice and patience, you'll get the hang of it and start to make much better progress as you move through the levels.

The difficulty progression in Geometry Dash lets you hone your skills in one level to help you as you move on to more advanced levels, kind of like practicing as you play. Speaking of which, there's also a practice level for those who want to hone their skills before jumping into the actual levels.

Is Geometry Dash Fun?

Geometry Dash is tons of fun! Its graphics are on point and quite creative. The music is engaging and flows with the game in a way that keeps you in tune with what is happening to your little cube on the screen.

The game is challenging enough for you to feel a real sense of accomplishment and joy when you complete each level. You'll be in bring-it-on mode as you anticipate taking on the next level. Plus, the ability to make custom levels in the original Geometry Dash means you can create levels just as you like them and play the way you want.

There's also much more to the game than the challenging fun of avoiding all the crazy obstacles while keeping pace with the upbeat music. There are items to collect throughout each level, special abilities to try out, and secret areas to visit.

Is Geometry Dash for Kids?

The original Geometry Dash video game is child-friendly. It has been given an "E for Everyone" rating by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board). It averages a full five stars from almost 50 parent ratings on it gets a similar rating from the nearly 300 kid reviews on the site.

Geometry Dash keeps kids engaged and helps them develop perseverance. There's no violence in the game; you simply restart the level if your cube hits upon an obstacle and "dies."

The colorful and interesting graphics in Geometry Dash are sure to grab kids' attention. Plus, the music that accompanies each level is so entertaining that younger kids and even older ones, too, might enjoy dancing along to the music as it plays.

Is Geometry Dash for Adults?

Yes, it is! Adults definitely love playing it. The mix of entertainment, challenge, and creativity in the original Geometry Dash video game makes it quite appealing to adults no matter their skill in video gaming.

Some find it is an easy way to fill time or just to simply pass the time. Others might become super engaged in it, creating their own levels, playing the endless numbers of fan-made Geometry Dash levels online, chatting with other Geometry Dash players, or watching the many how-to-play Geometry Dash videos on YouTube.

How to play Geometry Dash

You can play the original Geometry Dash using a mouse, keyboard, controller, or touchscreen device. Press or hold to get your cube to jump, run, roll, bounce, fly, glide, and swim through each level.

Portals, pads, and orbs help increase the player's interaction with the game. Use these to teleport, change gravity, change your speed, or change the size of your icon. Collect as many coins, stars, diamonds, or orbs as you can along the way. The level restarts each time you crash into something so be careful.

Apart from helping you unlock levels, your rewards are also useful for buying stuff in the in-game shops. What kind of stuff? Well, you can buy new icons and we're sure you'll see plenty that you like. Or, you can buy new colors for your icon - to suit your personality or your mood, perhaps. Plus the secret areas offer rewards, such as secret levels.

Geometry Dash Tips and Tricks

• Keep pace with the music.
The aim of the game is really to keep pace with the beat of the music. You'll find that once you do, you'll make much better progress through each level.
• Don't stress over it.
Let's face it, nobody dances all that well when they're stressed out. Keep calm as you play, taking all of the game’s ups and downs in stride. By keeping your composure, you'll be better able to time your movements to the rhythm of the game's unique soundtracks.
• Practice, practice, practice!
Each level in the original Geometry Dash becomes easier with practice. Practice lets you “feel” the music better and you become better able to play in sync with it. You will also get to understand more of how each game mode works when you practice the game. Make use of the practice levels or just in or just practice playing the regular levels over and over again, you'll master them in no time.
• Challenge yourself.
Yes, playing the easier levels can provide some relaxation when you need it! But, you can make the game a nice challenge for you by playing at the highest difficulty you think you are capable of mastering. Apart from being a challenge, it's a good way to quickly collect those orbs that you will need to get demon keys and other special items in the game.
• Share!
Sharing what you've learned with the Geometry Dash community and learning from them really helps your understanding of the game and will boost how well you play.

Geometry Dash Secret Areas

The secret areas in the original Geometry Dash video game in order of difficulty to access are:
• The Vault
• Vault of Secrets
• Chamber of Time (another vault and yes, the hardest one to unlock!)
• Treasure Room
• Community Shop
• Secret Shop
• The Basement (actually quite easy to unlock by way of a quest in the Chamber of Time but getting its rewards is a challenge)

You need a specific number of diamonds to unlock each shop. For example, it takes five keys to open the Treasure Room and five keys plus 200 diamonds to unlock the Community Shop. You'll need five keys and 500 diamonds to unlock the Secret Shop (aka Scratch's Shop). In the Secret Shop, you can use more diamonds and orbs to buy super cool colors, effects, and icons, such as a robot and wave game modes.

The Geometry Dash Community Shop

As you may have guessed from its name, the Community Shop has items designed by players - just like you! The existence of the community shop helps to build a sense of connection to the game for players. Players who visit the Community Shop to buy items will definitely be inspired by the things they find there.

You can expect that after seeing the wonderfully creative and interesting items in the Geometry Dash Community Shop, you'll be all hyped up to design some stuff, too. Go right ahead! Let your creative juices flow by creating some awesome items of your own. And, hey who knows, you might decide to share with the rest of the Geometry Dash community, too.

Geometry Dash Icons and Modes

All versions of Geometry Dash feature an Icon Kit that allows you to change the appearance of your icon. You start out with a simple set of variations but you gain the ability to unlock a plethora of others as you play. Check out the achievement chests for icon variations or you may opt to buy icons from the in-game shops.

The game modes in Geometry Dash are different forms your icon can take. Each transformation grants you unique skills and presents its own set of challenges as you navigate the game. Beginning with the basic cube, other transformations/modes you can look forward to are rocket, ball, bird, ship, wave, robot, spider, UFO, swing, and a whole lot more!

Keep in mind, however, that not all icons and modes are available in every version of Geometry Dash. It's a great reason to check out each one.

Geometry Dash Meltdown

Release date: 19 December 2015

This spin-off of the original Geometry Dash video game was released for both IOS and Android devices. It features three new levels with music by Jesse Valentine (aka F-777) a well-known Canadian YouTuber who specializes in techno and dance music. Geometry Dash Meltdown also has brand new icons and special features you won't find in the original game but they are in the levels added in version 2.0 of Geometry Dash.

Geometry Dash World

Release date: 21 December 2016 for iOS and 22 December 2016 for Android
In the delightful Geometry Dash World, you can play in two different worlds and each world has five levels. Plus, as a nod to all its creative, enthusiastic, and dedicated fans, Geometry Dash World also includes a limited number of levels created by other Geometry Dash players.

Geometry Dash Subzero

Release date: 12 December 2017
You get to play three exciting levels in this spin-off of the original Geometry Dash game. And those three levels pack quite a punch since Geometry Dash Sub-Zero has some features you won't find anywhere else – for now! Those features are set to become available in the main game once its update 2.2 is released.

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is the free version of the Geometry Dash video game. The gameplay is restricted, though, as you might expect. For example, it only lets you play 16 levels and does not give you the option to create or play user-made levels. Other customization features are limited in the light version, too. For example, many of the delightful icons and colors you find in the full game are not a part of Geometry Dash Lite.Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash is fun for everyone.

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